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Snorkelling and scuba diving courses / classes in Auckland, New Zealand, Huntington Beach, California, USA. We are a referral dive facility and a guided (Discovery) dive center.



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Recent Testimonials

The students of Capistrano Valley high school have had the opportunity to be under the professional and direction of Elmesie Scuba for the past 14 years Robert and Adrien have created a program that allows students to fully comprehend and understand the essential components of scuba diving while fostering a safe environment in the water for students to learn and grow. Our physical education classes look forward to this unit every year and we are very fortunate to have this program at our school.

Christy Curtis

PE Department Chair,

Capistrano High Schoool, 



Dan is a marine biologist with a keen interest in marine conservation and advocacy. He is currently undertaking Ph.D. research with the Coastal-Marine Research Group at Massey University in Auckland. His research focuses on the ecology and conservation management of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in New Zealand. With more than 10 years experience in the field of marine turtle conservation management, rehabilitation and research, Dan works with researchers and conservation managers across the Pacific region to develop and promote conservation for marine turtles.


Currently, Dan is the only researcher who has undertaken any in-depth study into marine turtles in New Zealand waters. As part of his research Dan is using sighting and stranding data, satellite tagging, genetic and diet analysis to investigate the origin, distribution and biology of green turtles in New Zealand. One aspect of his research that has become apparent has been the alarming level of marine debris found inside stranded marine turtles. Through his work Dan hopes to increase awareness about the negative effect marine debris has on our marine environment.

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