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Elmesie Scuba was established in 2000, In Los Angeles (LA), Huntington Beach, California, USA by the owner Robert Elmes. Elmesie Scuba is a NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) which is an internationally recognised Snorkelling & Scuba diving facility. We are one of the biggest training facilities in Auckland New Zealand, and Orange County, southern California USA that teaches youth within primary, intermediate, and High/College Schools. ES also teaches classes to the General Public. In 2011 He moved with his family back to his Native country of New Zealand and is now operating in Auckland. Elmesie Scuba has two snorkel and scuba diving training facilities. We pride ourselves in safety, flexibility, good communication, and our happy nature. Robert Elmes believes that this is the main reasons why Elmesie Scuba is still in business today. Snorkelling and scuba diving courses / classes in Auckland, New Zealand, Huntington Beach, California, USA. We are a referral dive facility and a guided (Discovery) dive center.




Since establishment here in USA Elmesie Scuba has Aligned themselves with XS Scuba, & Scuba-Max




Elmesie Scuba currently teaches snorkelling/scuba programs to, Palos Verde High, Canyon High, Tesoro High, Capistranio High, Danna Hills High, San Clemente High, Aliso Niguel High School, to name a few. Please ask us for a copy of our brochure that outlines our snorkel/scuba program that covers the PE units required by the State of California 


On behalf of the Tesoro Physical Education department I would like to convey our gratitude to Adrien Avellan for his work with our PE students. Adrien has taught SCUBA for several years at our school and we look forward to each time he is able to schedule his time with us.

Adrien has shared with us his rich background of marine education and our students recognize the amazing opportunity they have to learn SCUBA from such an experienced professional. Not only do we appreciate his skills and expertise but we also recognize that he has the unique personality that students identify with and want to learn from. We greatly appreciate his thorough method of teaching with safety always being the number one concern. They are truly excited to learn SCUBA from Adrien and many continue on to become certified. 


Adrien does an outstanding job and we would highly recommend him to teach SCUBA for your school or organization. You are welcome to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.


John Gipe

Department Chair for Physical Education and Health

Tesoro High School


Adrien Avellan

Adrien is a NAUI Instructor, CMAS Divemaster and FFESSM Level IV. He started diving at the young age of 12 for his uncle’s Diving business in the south of France, where he was born. Inspired by the local heritage and watching Cousteau’s underwater episodes on TV, he became involved in ocean film documentaries, local salvage operations as well as with archaeological projects in the Mediterranean Sea. At the age of 20, he passed the Level IV / Divemaster at the “Centre de Plongée des Glénants” in Western Brittany, France, renowned for the challenging difficulty of its programs. He became specialized in assisting youth as well as physically disabled persons underwater and acquired a passion for it, as well as a tremendous amount of experience. Adrien was involved with schools and vacation programs in the south of France every summer, and took part as crew in small live-dive aboard cruises in the French Riviera Islands where he learned about boat handling and took on his commercial diving training. After studying in Marine Biology and populations’ dynamics at the University of Western Brittany from 2001 to 2005 and working as an intern, Adrien started his BS of electrical Engineering at the “Haute Ecole d’Ingenieurs” in Yverdon, Switzerland.

With his background in electrical and mechanical engineering, Adrien moved to the US in 2007 as a test and inspection engineer for a private company in Southern California, specialized in failure analysis of heavy rotating machinery for governmental and private power facilities. This included numerous underwater surveys, which rekindled his passion for diving. Adrien worked as a Divemaster on Southern California dive boats regularly, gaining knowledge of the local shore and of the Channel Islands. Adrien then became a NAUI instructor in 2011 to adapt the youth programs he participated in while in France to NAUI’s standards and the local environment. Adrien joined Elmesie SCUBA in 2013 to share his knowledge and experience with the already well established programs offered by Elmesie SCUBA.    Adrien has since implemented dive programs with numerous local public and private facilities in Southern California for Elmesie SCUBA; regular classes, specialty classes, advanced classes with an emphasis on programs oriented towards the local youth and new divers seeking the quality training that NAUI allows, all adapted to the local environment.

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